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AuthX can provide your healthcare organization a way to secure patient data by protecting your EHR systems. AuthX also has a multi-factor solution for all your EPCS needs. Healthcare organizations are constantly at risk of data breaches and risks of fraud. HIPAA recommends using two-factor authentication practices to help eliminate these security risks associated with remote access to patient data. Everyday millions of patient records are at risk in your organization without some way to protect them entirely. Therefore, organizations all over the world are making the switch to AuthX.


AuthX helps you obtain all the necessary procedures to meet the PCI compliance standards. AuthX allows you to secure your customers cardholder data all while securing your own applications. Safely process transactions in store or at home with our multi-factor solution for retail stores across the globe. AuthX also monitors and tracks access to network and cardholder data, which in turn we allocate the necessary security logs for any audits that may occur.


The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has a set of authentication rules and guidelines for online banking verification for all financial institutions. With AuthX we guarantee to go above and beyond to make sure these standards are met and maintained. Verifying your users’ identities is the most important piece of any transaction. We want to make sure your users’ data is kept in your hands and not subject to online attacks.

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