AuthX – Eliminating the Password

Why AuthX

Log into your application with just your finger.

Secure Authentication with Multiple Authentication Factors

AuthX gives you the capability to identify users with two-factor authentication. This security method ensures absolute identity among your users and helps eliminate the possibility of fraud and data theft. Multifactor authentication can be used on a mobile device or a computer anytime and anywhere. Easy enrollment and management of users makes managing your enterprise’s security simple and straightforward.

Benefit from Advanced Compliance

AuthX has some of the most advanced certifications in the industry. AuthX provides you with an ISO 27001, HiTrust and PCI Compliant authentication platform. With AuthX, you improve your organization’s enterprise security and reduce risk, all while ensuring compliance.

Cost of Ownership like No Other

AuthX provides some of the most affordable solutions in the authentication industry. In almost every instance and in any size organization, the total cost of AuthX is far less than the cost of obtaining and maintaining the compliance needed to supply secure and trusted passwordless authentication. AuthX is an efficient and affordable platform with a low cost of ownership.

Return on Investment

Utilizing AuthX SaaS platform provides you with the most compelling Return on Investment (ROI) in the authentication space today. Get started today to see how AuthX will benefit your organization. Our customers range in size from a single user to enterprise organizations with over a hundred thousand users.
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