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AuthX enables you to log into your applications with just your Biometrics.

Log into your application with just a push. No more passwords to remember, now and forever. Get started with AuthX today!

AuthX Mobile App

Choose a multitude of authentication factors on your mobile device

Passwordless Authentication at it’s Finest

AuthX’s passwordless login option gives users the option of using biometrics, one-time codes or links that are delivered via SMS or e-mail. This eliminates the use of a password without sacrificing any security. In fact, this increases security by eliminating the worry of a stolen password.

Never Remember a Password Again

With AuthX, you never have to remember a password again. Your face, finger, palm, proximity card or phone is your password.

Anywhere, Everywhere Authentication

You can authenticate on any system, anywhere ad everywhere with AuthX.  Authentication is more secure, easier to use and simpler to manage by using AuthX.
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Whether you’ve been in business for years or this is your first small business, try AuthX now and see how advanced and easy to use authentication can make your business more secure.