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Partner Program

Partner with us to connect and collaborate with AuthX customers, resellers and developers. You'll get joint marketing, selling, deal support and free developer accounts to build and test integrations.

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Two Factor Authentication for Managed Service Providers

AuthX provides enterprise grade cloud based, authentication as a service built to prevent acount takeover and online fraud. It can be implemented for single sign on, password less, and/or two-factor authentication depending on the need of the organization. Protect remote access of your customers applications with biometric authentication directly on their client’s devices. AuthX Authenticator provides the easiest way on the market to ensure the identity of those requesting access to your client’s applications. No implementation headaches and no passwords or tokens to manage.

Use the AuthX Authenticator Portal to Manage all your Clients

With a single portal, powered by AuthX , you can toggle between all your AuthX Authenticator customers and assign each the correct level of access as well as add or remove a customer with no risk of compromising security.

Cost Effective

Our pricing is per user with an enterprising discount for all MSP’s. AuthX Authenticator leverages the cloud to rapidly scale as your user base grows, removing the need for onsite infrastructure and hardware deployment. AuthX Authenticator implements self-service user enrollment to reduce admin burden.

Reliability at the
Highest Level

AuthX Authenticator’s scalable, high-availability service is balanced across multiple geographic regions, independent service providers and power grids. AuthX Authenticator employs a full support team with 24-hour support 365 days a year. AuthX Authenticator meets federal and industry regulations for strong authentication such as PCI, DSS and HIPPAA.

Authentication to Scale

No matter the size of the organization, if protecting data is a concern, AuthX scalable, high-availability service is balanced across multiple geographic regions, independent service providers and power grids, and backed by a strong service level guarantee.

Global Authentication

Guaranteed identity allows access to applications and data from anywhere and on any device. AuthX Authenticator’s fully integrated solution builds trust in users, devices and the data they access. Ensure the right people have the right access to sensitive data.
30-days free trial

Whether you’ve been in business for years or this is your first small business, try AuthX now and see how advanced and easy to use authentication can make your business more secure.