About AuthX

About AuthX

We Help Businesses Authenticate Worldwide

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We started AuthX to change the world as it relates to authentication. Our innovative SaaS based platform securely connects businesses, application and the right end users anywhere, anytime and on any device. AuthX helps to build a trusted relationship between end users and businesses. We are proud to be helping over 6.5 million end users worldwide transform the way they do business. And we’re just getting started. Founded in 2012 by security, authentication and payment experts, AuthX is one of the fastest growing SaaS based authentication platforms in the world.
Secure and accurate authentication is one of the most important parts of the global economy. We help businesses to make smarter, more accurate and secure authentication decisions millions of times per day. We work closely with our customers, partners and end users to provide you with most advanced, forward thinking, adaptive and innovative authentication platforms in the world. Welcome to AuthX , we are proud to serve you and are committed to providing you the amazing solutions for years to come.
I forgot what life was like before AuthX. Endless password resets and monthly password changes was standard fare before AuthX. You need to start using AuthX today!

Authentication Simplified

Using AuthX will improve the user experience. Securitizing end user authentication from your PC, iOS, smartphone or tablet enables you with a smarter, faster and better ed user experience.

Over 6.5 Million End Users and Growing

Since our start in 2012, we have grown from a handful of end users to more than 6.5 million globally.


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